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Before You Buy a Barrel Prospect

Before you decide to buy and train a barrel horse, make sure you are experienced in the sport of barrel racing, know how to work with horses and it would help if you have competed multiple times, before jumping into it and training a horse yourself. Try going out and either leasing or buying an older seasoned horse that is already trained so you can get a feel for the sport of barrel racing and you can learn from your horse with out souring the horse if you are not experienced in barrel racing. Make sure you do not go out and buy a horse listed as 1D runner if you have never competed in barrels before because the horse will definitely know more than you and may start to react before you tell them to causing them to knock barrels or go off pattern, etc.. If your a new comer then go out and buy a horse listed as "automatic", 3D, 4D or "anyone can ride" because thoughs horses will know there job without the need for an experienced rider. You may be a very experienced rider but if you have never barrel raced and do not know a whole lot about the sport then starting with something lower level and working yourway up will ensure that you get the best experiance about barrel racing. After you are comfortable competing them you can start to find yourself a barrel prospect. It always helps to have someone who is very experienced with barrels to help you choose and train your prospect the right way.

How to Train Your Barrel Horse

Before Your Buy Your Barrel Prospect

Choosing The Right Barrel Horse

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Walking The Barrel Pattern

Trotting The Barrel Pattern

Cantering the Pattern










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