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Maguire Farm


Cats and Rats

If you have a farm and don't have cats you might start seeing rats! Rats and mice get into horse feed. While they are eating the feed they poop and pee, which contaminates the feed. this could make your horse sick. The rats will climb into the water bowls and drown and die, contaminating the water.


Singing Kittys


Meow meow meow meowwwwww meow meow meowww meoww!!!!!


Meeeeoowwwww meow meow meowww mmeeooww!!


Meoww mmeeoww meow meow meowwwwww!!!!

Ouch ouch Miny is biting my ear!!!! OOUUCCHH!!!!


Sandy and pumpkin



Is this kitty love or...

Kitty war!!



Arn't these the cutest cats you ever saw!?


Miny, Midnight 5th, Maggie,




And Waffle.


This is Little Lou eating a mouse that he caught.


This is one of the rats Little Lou caught.


Little Lou and his rat.


Talic with a rat.



"What are you looking at!?"


"Hi, I'm Pumkin I would like to give a thanks to looking at this website. Hi mom guess what I'm famous!"


Sandy and a rat.


Blizard, in the back, cuaght a bird to teach her kittens to hunt and Simba likes the taste.


Maggie and midnight playing with the food there mom cuaght them.




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