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Fun and Interesting Horse Facts

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-Horses do not have a gall bladder.

-When a domesticated horse is released in the wild they shed all traces of domestication rapidly.

-In the wild a foal will suckle until they are one year old, in some conditions this can be longer.

-Stallions will fight over females but generally not over territory.

-Horses have better memories than elephants.


-Horses have the largest eyes of any land animal.

-Horses are not color-blind.

-At one time people thought that horses were colorblind. Although it is more difficult for them to see purples and violets, they have less trouble with yellows and greens.


-A horse's teeth take up more space in their head then their brain.

-Adult male horses generally have 40 teeth and females 36


-The horse has binocular vision, but can also see different things in each eye. This is why you need to show your horses the spooky things in both eyes so the brain can get the message that it's not spooky.

-The measurement 'hand' is 4 inches because that was considered to be the average width across a mans knuckles.


-In the picture above this horse is doing what is called flehmen. This is seem more in males than females, especially stallions. Flehmen is known to be a way to direct scents in the air to specialized olfactory glands at the end of the nasal passage.

-In Australia there were no horses until 1788


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