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See horse/Pony breeds from A-Z | Horseback Riding | Conformation

A Pony is Technically a small horse. This means its no higher at the withers then 14.2hh (A hand is 4 inches). However not all small horses are called ponies, for example a Arab horse will often stand below 15hh but they are horses. Ponies have short legs in Addition to there body. they originated from isolated islands like Ireland. They are very tough and can handle the rocky areas because they are so sure footed. Now there are nine different breeds of ponies, but they all have extraordinary strength for there size.


Budwiser (Lil Bud) less than a day old


Tucker is a 7 year old mini. "He was our first horse. Typical mini, he's a brat, but oh well. At least he's handsome!"


Amie is getting Jazzmine ready for the rodeo.

Jazzmine and Amie Checking out the ring.




"Hi, my name is Munchkin and I'm an all white Miniature Pony."

This is a bay Miniature Pony I call him Stud Muffin.


Jazzmine is shaking just like dogs and other animals do.


Peevi the Palimino pony gives pony rides.


Amis the chestnut, shetland pony eating his hay.


Amie and Jazzmine hugging.


Jazzmine in her halloween costume.





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