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Shetland Pony


The Shetland Pony was named after the remote group of islands north-east of scotland.The shetland pony is the smallest of British native breeds. Small of stature this pony is nevertheless immensely strong. It is actually one of the strongest equine animals for its size in the world. The Shetland is about 40 inches (102cm) when it is three years and under. When this pony reaches four years and over it is about 42 inches (107cm) in height. The shetland can be found in any color except spotted. In the winter a shetland pony will grow a double coat to protect itself from the harsh climate of its native home. The coat has "guard hairs", that shed rain and keep the pony's skin completely dry, however severe the weather. The main and tail are profuse. In the spring the shetland will shed its thick coat. this little pony can be strong willed but is intelligent and responds to good handling.

7hh - 11.2hh

(hh= Hands High, one hand is 4 inches)

Color Any Color except spotted

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