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Horse Music Videos

I enjoy making videos about horses to go along with different songs. The links below are the different videos that i have made so far. All of these videos have been posted on Youtube as well. My youtube account is HorsesWithAmie. Please subscribe to my account to receive updates and new videos!

Barrel Racing - Song: Falling Away, By: Good Charlotte

Budweiser- Wild Moments - Song: Real Wild Child, By: Josie & The Pussycats

Cowgirl Creed - Song: Cowgirl Creed, By: Templeton Thompson

Girls & Horses - Song: Girls & Horses, By: Templeton Thompson

Jack Jazzmine & Zoey - Song: Wild Horses, By: Natasha Bedingfield

My Horses - Song: Here We Stand, By: Amber Pacific

Riding With Camera Taped To Helmet! - Song: Change Your Mind, By: The All-American Rejects

Rootop -- WiggzMusic! - Song: Rootop, By: Wiggz


Would you like you or your horse to be featured in one of my videos? Send in a picture or video (raw clips only, no effects) and tell me how you want to be featured! Do you have a video/song request? Email me and let me know if you have any requests!






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