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Maguire Farm




There are so many different types of dogs. There are Boxers, Bulldogs, Pit bulls and so on. Dogs are said to be mans best friend, but a relationship with a dog is not always fun and loving. Dogs in the wild live in a pack, there is one dominate female and male but only one of them is the leader. To have a healthy relationship with your dog(s) you must be the leader. To achieve this role you need to be calm and assertive. Dogs don't understand words they may associate sitting or the command lay down with a word or signal but they do not understand what you are really saying. Dogs feel energy if you are sad they read that as weak energy and a dog needs a leader, if they do not have a leader they will try to become the leader. To tell if your dog is Trying to take the role as a leader is if they grow at you when you go near there food or if they try to go out the door before you. Also, some more signs of this is if you dog jumps up on you. A submissive dog is a happy dog and a happy dog is a happy owner with a best friend. If you want to learn more about dogs and how to be the pack leader please visit DogBreedInfo.

"Maia, the Labrador Retriever mix, soon after we first got her. She's a rescue dog, found as a stray, so we don't know her exact age, but she was around 2 or 3 years old when we got her. She's now about 7 or 8, but she's still as friendly and energetic as when we first got her. Besides showing signs of abuse when we first adopted her, Maia is a very social dog around both people and dogs. When other dogs bark at her, she doesn't bark back; she'll often turn her head the other way, either because she's being submissive or she just thinks they're rude. :) Also, though she's mostly a Lab, she'll only go up to her paws in water.......she's a very weird dog. :)"

Bruno the Boxer

Bruno has a lot of toys!!

Bruno's first winter!

Want to see more of bruno?




Allie the boxer with her nails done, a fancy hat, and a necklace


Allie wants to get the goats!

Allie in her bed.


Here is a picture of spike the bulldog.


Luaren is dancing with Lacey the poodle.


Molly (Far Right) the Miniature Pinscher, as a puppy.

Molly is all grown up and likes to swim in the pool.

Molly loves to give kisses!


Meet a playful Vizsla named Illie.



This is molly the Dalmatian.

"Do you want to play with me??"

Molly and her bone.


Sleepy Henery.

"Where did my ball go??"



Meet Tundra and Tacoma the Great Pyrenees.


This is Meadow the Shillow Shepard.


This is a Pekingese named Gerrick.


This is Missy. She is also a Pekingese, but she is almost blind.


Meet Sophie and Bruno the rottweilers


Meet Dexter the Dachshund.

"Hey, get that thing out of my face!"


Meet Brodie the Westie.


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