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~*~Never let success get to your head. ~*~
~*~Never let failure get to your heart.

Don't forget to review your basics as often as possible to make sure you and your horse are in tip top condition. Just because your horse will run a fast clean pattern does not mean you should only ever run the pattern. Make sure you keep your speed under control when your practice and leave the racing to the competition. Give your horse a break from barrels every once in a while and take him out on a trail, through poles or just let him have the day off.

Hopefully you have a great horse under you that you can rightfully say you have trained. You are a team and do not forget that. With out your horse you can not run the barrels. Just remember that you may not win them all but you should try your hardest and don't dwell on a run that was not a winner. Learn from it.

How to Train Your Barrel Horse

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Cantering the Pattern








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