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Horse Racing

Horse Racing is a major sport in the equine industry. The rider of the race in known as the jockey. A jockey is normally chosen by the horses trainer to ride their horse in a race.

Types of Racing

Thoroughbred Racing
Harness Racing
Endurance Racing

Quarter horse Racing


Their are many dangers in the equine world know matter what sport or activity it is. In horse racing, both horse and rider are at high risk for danger. If a horse stumbles and falls when running or falls jumping over an obstacle it could put the jockey and horse at risk of being trampled.

A study was done by Anna Waller of jockey injuries over a 4 year period. She came to a conclusion that for every 1000 jockeys racing over 600 will have medically treated injuries. Of these injuries almost 20% were serious neck and head injuries. Between 1993-1996 the study found that 6,545 injuries happened.

Horses face a lot of danger as well as jockeys. Horses are started at a young age into the racing industry. This can cause problems in the long run for the horses life. Such as hock, ankle or tendon injuries. Most of these injuries always happen with the legs. Out of every 1000 horses that start in the USA, 1.5 die. In 2006 there is an estimate of over 600 horses that have died at the racetracks.

Equipment (tack)

In this competition all English tack is used and the lighter the saddle and pad, the better. The horse will have more endurance left in him to finish the race if he has less weight on his back than the other horses.

Blinders, also known as blinkers or winkers, are worn by many race horses. they are said to keep the horse focused to the race rather than getting distracted by crowds and other thins happening. The blinder is either a plastic or leather cup placed at the side other eyes. It is attached to the bridle or independently attached by a hood.


English Riding


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