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How to Give a Horse a Shot

My horse Jack gets an Adequan shot once a month for his calcium deposit. My vet showed me how to give it to him so they wouldn't have to come to our house very month so he could reseave his shot.




How to give a horse an Adequan shot the way vet tuaght me.

Step one: Get the shot syringe and the medicine that you are giving your horse, and fill the syringe with the right amount that your vet asigned.

Step Two: Get any air out of the shot before giving it to the horse by tapping the syringe lightly and ejecting the air when it gets to the top.

Step Three: Find the triangle shape on the horses neck. (the shot must be given with in the triangle)

Step Four: Inject the shot into the horses neck straight in. (NOT on a diagnal)

Step Five: Once all the Medicine is in remove the shot.

Step Six: Rub the spot on the horses neck that the shot went in to relax your horse. (optional. I do this Before and after I give my horse the shot.)

Here is a video of me giving Jack a shot.


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