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Maguire Farm


Jack Stories
American Quarter Horse


See before and after pictures from when I first got Jack and what he looks like now!


Jack was born in Mexico and then later shipped to Al Paso Texas. I’m not sure how long he was in Texas but he was shipped from Texas to Oxford Pennsylvania where we got him. A friend of mine told my family where they got their horses and that they still had some fore sale. We went right over and looked at the horses. The owner had two horses for sale at the time. My mom asked him which horse would be better for a 12 year old. I was 12 at the time we got Jack in September 2006. He said that there was this one horse that was very gentle and kind, that horse was Jack. When I first saw Jack he looked really tall since I was used to Jazzmine. Right away I started to pet and brush him. He seemed very tolerant having 3 kids around him. My little sister and my friend came along for the ride. Jack didn’t even care when I rapped my arms around his neck and pulled my feet off the ground so I was having off his neck. He was like a big jungle gym!

We tacked him up and brought him in the ring. First his owner got on and rode him around. He must have been used for roping in Mexico because he was perfectly fine with the lasso swinging around and roping buckets. He was even okay with his neck being lassoed and then riding neck reined with just a lasso. I was impressed, but then again I was 12 and all kids who want a horse will take the first one they see. Before we brought him out of the ring, his owner got off of him and I got on him and trotted around the ring. I felt really tall on him! My mom was talking to his owner by the fence. Jack was being so good that I had the sudden urge to stand on his back. So I called my friend over to hold him just incase. Then I dropped the reins and started to stand up. My mom looked over and was shocked and I think a little worried that I would fall, but Jack owner then mentioned that he is very good with people standing on him. So my mom was a little bit better about it, but as for me I was pretending that I was surfing on his back and I was rocking that saddle back and fourth as if it were waves. I was having so much fun! Doing that made my mom like Jack even more. It made her feel better about me riding him since he didn’t care that I thought of him as a jungle gym.

We took Jack out of the ring so I would have more space to canter him around. I had so much fun cantering around. It was starting to get dark so I got off and my mom was negotiating the price and all that other stuff. I didn’t really pay attention to that, what 12-year-old girl would when she has a horse next to her that could possibly be hers. I was braiding Jack’s mane, I didn’t have anything to tie it together with so I just let go of his mane when I was don’t braiding that piece. It stayed in for the most part.


My mom decided to take Jack for a week trial. We had different vets come out to look at him; most of them said he wasn’t a good horse because of his calcium deposit. Although he might not have been the ideal horse to compete a lot on but he was definitely the sweetest. Jack barely spooked at anything! My older sister was dribbling her basketball and when she shot the ball it bounced off the backboard and hit jack lightly on the stomach. He didn’t even move! He simply looked at the ball.

Even though many people doubted jack, he proved them wrong. His calcium deposit never seemed to bother him. We give him a shot once a month that is supposed to keep his deposit from bothering him. Jack also has won me many ribbons at local shows. He may not be able to handle competing every weekend but he competes enough for me!


Riding Jack the first day I got him.


Jack eating


Read About Jack's Trailer Accident!


Meet Jack the Mexican Quarter Horse.When I first got Jack he was a little under weight and his hooves were not in the best shape.

Jack has some white spots where his saddle was rubbing agents him and made his fur go away and when it grow back it was white. he got these from Mexico.

This is Jack first winter we had to put a blanket on him because he came from Mexico and his fur coat wasn't thick enough for him to stay warm. Next winter we are going to try not to blanket him unless we have to so his coat can grow naturally.

Jack Makes his First Friend other them Jazzmine. Her name is Chip she is an Appaloosa.

Giving Jack a hug


Trail Riding

Jack and I go for a ride around the field and up to the bus stop to get Sara, my little sister. Notice the cat following behind us. Jack loves to go for Trail rides.


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