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American Shetland

History Shetland ponies quickly became popular when they were imported into America in the 1880s. The American Shetland Pony Club was formed in 1890 and there were over two hundred American breeders listed at the time. Today there are still a great number of American Shetland's but they do not resemble the "Sheltie" which is the native pony of Britain's Shetland Isles which the Shetland originated from. When you cross the pure-bred Shetland's with Hackney Ponies, in addition to Arab and Thoroughbred blood you get the American Shetland. The pony looks more like a Hackney in appearance compared to the native breed from Britain. The American Shetland is more refined than the true Shetland, they tend to be narrower and have a longer body. There limbs are also more slender and longer. The head of the American pony has a high action, which helps prove that the hackney pony was bred into this pony as well, making the American Shetland a popular harness pony.
Conformation Fairly long head, straight or somewhat dished profile; long neck with pronounced withers; sloping shoulders; short strong body and hindquarters with fairly long limbs.

Around 42 inches high (10.5hh)

(hh= Hands High, one hand is 4 inches)

Color Any color


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