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Maguire Farm


Piiholo Ranch, Maui Hawaii


From April 2-9th 2009 my mom and I went to Maui, Hawaii. When we were there we went horseback riding twice. One of the locations was called Piiholo Ranch. This ranch is found on the rainy side of Maui. In addiction to horseback they also have zip line and a store in town. We only rode horses and then visited their store.

Along the trails you get to see there herds of bulls and cows. When we wen some of there cows had calves with them!

Some of the many cows!


Here are pictures of some of their calves!


Looking at some of the cows from over the fence

We were given rain jackets to strap to the back of our saddles just in case it started raining. In the two pictures above you can see the jacket strapped to the back of the saddle and also one. We were told that the rainy weather was unpredictable.

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