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Maguire Farm




Cows are big animals. The females produce milk and are used for meat and the males are used for meat too. the males are also used in rodeos for bull riding. A baby cow is called a Calf. They eat grass, hay, pellets and they love getting tasty treats such as apples. They will eat just about the same food as a horse. Just make sure your horse doesn't eat any cattle feed or it will upset there stomach. The males are called bulls and the females are called a cows. Both Cows and Bulls can have horns.


Here we have a cow.

This is a cow grassing

These cows got out of there fence and came to my yard.

Two cows in my front yard.

cows walking.



Hawaiian Cows
Vacation horseback riding


I got a picture of this cow at a farm that we drove by at the in Maui, Hawaii.


These cows are from hawaii at the Piiholo Ranch


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