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Headstall or Briddle


A Headstall, or as some people call it a Briddle, is the equipment used to controlthe hoses head. This controls the direction you want to horse to go in and when you want the horse to stop. The HeadStall Holds the Bit and reins in Place. There are Leather, Which is the one above, and there are nilon Headstalls.

There are many different kinds of headstalls, a hackomore is a headstall that requires no bit. Sometimes horses will work better with no bit, but others wont. That all depends on what your Horse likes. Jack works better with a bit in his mouth, I have more control over him that way. Jazzmine also ises a bit. Ocatioally I will put a Hackomore on Jack if we are just going for a trail ride through our woods.

This is the main headstall I use on Jack.


This Jack's Headstall set, it came with a blue headstall, tie down, reins, and breast collar. These are not the new reins, they are my old ones that I just quickly put on. The new breast colar is also not on him in this picture.

Here is a picture of a nilon headstall


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