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The stirrup is what riders place there feet in to help them balance on the horse. It also makes getting up on top of the horse much easier. Stirrups come attached to just about every saddle and can be replaced if broken or if you just want a new pair. They sell separately and come in many styles and colors. They also differ depending on whether you are buying english or western stirrups. Which ever style you get they all share a common purpose, to help the rider mount and balance on the horse.


When placing your feet in a stirrup you want the ball of your foot to be touching the stirrup. If your foot goes to far in it will cause your heels to come up making you tip forward throwing your horse off balance. Having your heels down allows the rider to really sit deep in the saddle, if the horse was to buck or get spooked and turn the other way quickly, it will help any rider whether they have experience or are beginners to stay in the saddle and not fall out.

Stirrup straps can be adjusted to fit your height.

English saddle with an english stirrup.


Here is a western saddle with western stirrups.



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