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Horse Blanket

A horse blanket is used to keep a horse warm during the cold winter seasons. Some Horses/Ponies may not need a Blanket because they might grow long winter coats that work as their own personal blanket of protection.

Jazzmine never needed a Blanket since her coat grows out very well. Jack on the other hand needed it the first winter because he came from Mexico. He was not used to the cold yet. The second winter we only needed to blanket him when the tempurture got too cold for him. There is a good way to tell the tempurature of your horse/pony and its to feel there chest. If it feels warm to the touch then they are most likely fine. Jack know longer needs to wear a blanket in the winter because he now grows a long enough coat. I do put him in the staw when it snows to make sure he stays dry, but once it stops snowing and the weather is good again i let him out to run free in his field. He enjoys the snow as long as its not falling on his back!


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