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Why you should wear a helmet

A few months after I got Jack I had not ridden him for a while because the ground was too hard and there was some snow. I got Jack out and saddled him up, leaving him still tied to the trailer I went I'm the house to ask my mom if I could ride with out my helmet. I figured she would say I could because I was just going to be in the field, but I was wrong. "Mom can I ride with out my helmet. today?" She looked at me like I had something growing out of my head and said " NO, you have to wear your helmet. You could fall off and hurt yourself!" I immediately started to complain as most kids would. "But mom i'll be fine. My other friends don't have to wear helmets." "Do I look like your friends mom?" My mom had asked me which I new her answer wasn't going to change now. So I said no and I wore that stupid helmet.

I got on Jack wearing that stupid helmet. So I headed to the field. Jazzmine my Pony was in the field with me and she was in heat. No one was riding her so she was just eating grass as I rode around her. Since I hadn't ridden for a while I trotted for a while to warm him up. Then I cantered and i came to a stop walked a little to let him catch his breath. When I went to canter again Jack had something else on his mind that he wanted to do. Jack Galloped and bucked at the same time. I then Flew into the air and landed about 15 feet from where Jack had bucked me off. I hit the ground landing on my left side, my hip bone, shoulder, and head all hit the ground very hard. I then saw that Jack had ran over to Jazzmine who was in heat at the time. I got up my hip and shoulder were bruised and my head hurt. Lucky I was wearing my stupid helmet. I went to where Jack and Jazzmine were standing and I got a hold of Jack. I did not yell at him for running away or for bucking because he would think I was yelling at him for standing there and not running from me. If I had yelled at him he would not want to come to me or stop walking when I come near because he would think I was going to yell. So I told him in a calm Voice what a bad boy he was. I got right back on him and made him Trot the rest of the time I was on him which was about an hour. he only got one break the whole time and that was him walking a circle the same length that he had to trot.

After he was sweating pretty well I went back to the house and tied him to the trailer. My mom had just come out to ask me how he was and if Jack was a good boy. She did not know of the incident that had just happened. "Mom I need a New Helmet." she was very surprised "WHAT?! WHY??" so I told her the story of what had happened. She answered by saying " Amie, and you wanted to ride with out a helmet. today." she told as if she wanted to say 'I told you so. I told you so!' I hate it when moms are right. My mom then walk over to jack and told him how bad he was, but she didn't yell or raise her voice. I also made sure my mom understood that Jazzmine was in heat and that's why Jack wanted me off of his back. Don't worry I can now ride jack without any bucks.

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