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French Trotter



History The greatest tradition of trotting horses outside the united states comes from France. Developing its own strain of trotter by crossing English Thoroughbreds, half-breds and Norfolk Roadsters with robust Norman mares. The Breeding process began in the early nineteenth century. In 1806, the first French trotting races, which were ridden not driven, took place on the Champ de MArs in Paris. Race tracks began being built as the sport became more popular, the first was built in the 1830s and was located at Cherbourg. The breed developed was improved. In 1861 an Imperial decree gave official encouragement of he sport, leading to the foundation of its first governing body. The Anglo-Norman developed into a fine trotter and five important bloodlines became established: Conquerant, Normand, Lavater, Phaeton and Fuchsia.
Conformation Well-sloped shoulders, giving good ground-covering action; short, strong body; Immensely powerful., often sloping, Hindquarters

Average - 16.2hh, the larger horses tend to make better ridden trotters.

(hh= Hands High, one hand is 4 inches)

Color All colors admissible. Chestnut, bay, and brown are predominant with some roan. Gray is rare.


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