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History Between 1812 and 1814, Don Cossacks, who made Don horses famous, helped drive Napoleon's invading troops from Russia.The Cossacks' Horses Were Descended from those of the nomadic steppe people and were of mixed blood. Early Influences would have included the Nagai from Mongolia, the Karabakh (a type light riding horse), the Turkmen and the Persian Arab. Infusions of Orlov and Thoroughbred blood were made and out crosses were also made to part-bred Arab horses produced at Strelets Stud in the Ukraine in the nineteenth century. All these crosses the were used to upgrade the old Cossack strain were ceased at the beginning of this century. Since no more outside blood has been used in the breeding of Don horses.
Conformation Medium-sized head with wide forehead; average length neck; strong body with broad, straight back and loins and rounded croup. They have rather sloping hindquarters; straight limbs with well-muscled forearms and second thighs, but a tendency to calf knees (an inward curve below the knee), sickle hocks and upright pasterns; short thin mane and tail.


(hh= Hands High, one hand is 4 inches)

Color Mainly chestnut and brown, often with a golden sheen.


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