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History The Anglo-Arab is a more substantial horse than the purebred Arab, the anglo-Arab can result from a first cross between the Arab and Thoroughbred blood. France has been producing Anglo-Arabs for many years in the nineteenth century. The French Anglo-Arab traces back to two eastern stallions. Massoud who was an Arab and Aslam which was said to be Turkish origin. The horses were imported from Syria and cross bred with three imported English Thoroughbred mares. The head of an Anglo-Arab is closer looking to the thoroughbred then the Arab, but many Anglo-Arabs are more Sturdily built then the average looking Thoroughbred.
Conformation The conformation is variable, but the best specimens tend towards good thoroughbred conformation. Alert and intelligent head with a straight profile, expressive eyes and alert ears. The Anglo-Arab has a long neck and more predominant withers than the Arab. With its sloping shoulders, short, strong body which makes it more sturdy that the thoroughbred. It has a deep chest, somewhat long hindquarters, nice sound limbs and strong well-shaped feet.

15.3hh- 16.3hh

(hh= Hands High, one hand is 4 inches)

Color Chestnut, Bay or Brown





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