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History The Andalusian comes from the sun-baked region of southern spain which is close to North Africa. While it is without doubt an ancient breed, its origins are uncertain. Whatever native horse existed in spain when the muslim invaders arrived in 711. They might as well have resembled the Primitive Sorrain Pony. The andalusian was taken to the Americas by the sixteenth-century Conquistadors, these spanish horses provided the foundation stock for the majority of new breeds developed by the settlers. Thanks to the Andalusian's excellent temperament and willing nature this horse is a great all purpose riding horse. Today they help police officers in Barcelona keep everyone safe. The Andalusian isn't a particularly tall horse, but its compact body is built with excellent strength.
Conformation The Andalusian has broad shoulders, large but friendly eyes, a long think neck, and well sloped shoulders with defined withers. This horse has a strong body and broad chest with well-sprung ribs. Its hindquarters is very broad, strong and as a low set tail. Its limbs are medium length and they are clean cut and elegant but strong. Finishing it off with a long and very beautiful mane and tail.

15hh- 15.2hh

(hh= Hands High, one hand is 4 inches)

Color Mainly found gray, dappled, or bay colored

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