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Why Horses Buck


For the most part when a horse bucks it expresses heath, fitness and pleasure of motion without a rider. Horses that are running and playing will often buck just for fun. It seems that horses buck more in cold windy weather.

When horses get scared or frightened because of something on there back or stomach that they feel should be removed will cause a horse to buck. Most young horses will buck when being trained under the saddle or being "broke". Horses are great at removing things from there backs in the wild such as Mountain Lions or other predictors. But when a horse bucks under saddle it usually means fear, discomfort or pain.

You should always check and make sure there are no thorns in a saddle pad or blanket. If the thorn irritates the horse enough to the point of bucking the rider can be in serious danger.

In Rodeos, bareback and saddle broncos are trying to get rid of a bucking strap that is placed around there flanks.

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