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Water Troff



A water troff is a big container to full up with water so your animals can drink it. They come in different sizes holding different amounts of water. If you have a lot of animals in one field you might want to get a troff that holds a lot of water or you can get more than one troff.

Jack and Jazzmine have two troff's in there field. The picture shows what they look like. We have two identical one in our horse field but for our goats we had to get a shorter one so they could reach the water. In the winter recommend getting a heater for the water so it doesn't freeze. That green thing floating in the water is one of our heaters. there are small and you only have to plug it in and it starts working right away.


The only thing you need to do to fill it is take a hose and stick it in the troff, then wait till its full. I also recommend that you change or refresh the tub of water at least once a week, the more you do it the better. Take a brush sponge and scrape out the algae and dirt.


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