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Spurs are commonly misused among the horse world. Many riders use them to get more speed out of their horse for competitions. Sometimes spurs can make you go slower if not used correctly because if your kicking your horse as hard as you can to get across the finish line you are actually kicking the air out of him making his strides shorter causing your time to be slower. Spurs have a greater use with horses who don't respond to leg pressure. If you have a had time getting your horse to side pass or respond to your leg pressure then spurs could help.

There are many different kinds of spurs, from the ones with the little spinners at the end to bumper spurs. They can be many different lengths as well. They make spurs for certain events. In my opinion I prefer bumper spurs to start with then if you need something a little more to get your horse to respond you can find bumpers with spinners as well. It really depends on what you want to wear. If you get the ones with just the spinners then you would want to role it on your horses side rather then direct bumping.



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