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A halter can be described like a collar for a dog. When you want to go get your horse from the field you clip the lead rope to the halter and then you can lead your horse where ever you need to go. A halter is normally made of nylon or leather. I don't recommend leaving the halter on while the horse is in the field unless it is a breakaway, like the one in the picture. The brakeaway halter has leather on the top which if pulled hard enough will brake off. This is good just in case your horses halter was to get caught on something. The horse would be able to get free from the situation preventing serious injury.

Jack and Jazzmine both get their halters taken off before they are let go in the field. This way I can make sure that they don't get caught on something. It also keeps ther halter cleaner because when jack and jazzmine roll the halter would be scraping the ground, but since I take it off it stays clean. Its really a personal choice whether you prefer leaving it on or off.



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