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Page 2


Lauren, age 10 on Strawberry - "Lauren works 3 little jobs dog sitting, poop scooping for neighbor's dogs and was able to save all her money to buy her first horse herself. But Strawberry was too slow for competing... so she sold Strawberry and made enough profit to buy Chocolate Baby." Laren lives in Texas.

Luaren and strawberry barrel racing.

Luaren cleaning Strawberry's hooves.

Now she is brushing strawberry.

Lauren on Chocolate Baby, "Baby and he is FAST!!!! She bought all of her own tack and gear also, usually buying it on eBay and pays for a ferrier every 6 weeks."

Laren running on her horse Chocolate Baby.


Quin riding her pony, Major, through barrels.

Quin riding her pony sister.


Joe(pony) and Betrail(horse)

horsy love

Liquorice the llama, in the back, could he be jealous?


Yup I think he is!



Kayden on a horse.

Kayden taking a horseback riding lesson.


Emily taking a horseback riding lesson.

Visit Emily's website at Elite Havanese


Shannon taking a horseback riding lesson.


This is a miniature pony named Banana Chip.

He is King Louie's father.

This is a miniature pony named King Louie.

Banana Chip kissing his son King Louie.

Jasmine the horse in the back, Banana Chip the miniature pony on the left, and King Louie the other miniature pony on the right.


Molly and her horse Red.


"Hello, do you have any carrots for me??"


Rachel feeding Dusty a yummy carot.


Jessica giving Inny(the horse) a hug.


Here is an Amish working horse.

He is a Draft horse.





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