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Rain Rot

Rain Rot is the most popular skin infection seen in horses. It is also known as "Rain Scald" or "Steptothricosis". The organism that causes rain rot multiplies in warm, damp conditions that are humid. If you have a damp horse and then put a blanket on them they are at risk for getting rain rot. Rain Rot is NOT life threatening, but will infect any equipment it touches. When Jack and Jazzmine got rain rot we had to disinfect all my tack by getting Bleach and mixing it with water so its not as strong. Then we washed every thing including Bits, Bridles, saddles, etc.. Rain Rot looks like crusty scabs. The horses hair may fall out in the infected areas, don't be alarmed it will grow back over time.


This is what the Rain rot looked like after I pulled it off.

Rain Rot


Jazzmine had rain rot on her chest.


Rain Rot makes the skin peel

Jack had Rain Rot every where.



We used a Medicine called M-T-G (Mane Tail Groom) We Try ed all kinds of things including pills advised by our Veterinarian, but when we found M-T-G the rain rot started to go away. We could figure out why it kept coming back until we found out that the fly spray we were using an oil based fly spray that locked in the moisture. oxygen kills rain rot, so if your horse has rain rot you want to keep you horse/pony dry and only get them wet with the M-T-G. Try to keep them out of the rain.

This is an empty bottle of M-T-G. Before applying M-T-G to your Horse or pony Shake the liquid very well. Apply to the infected area and rube it in, you can take a comb and go over the infected area as you see my mom doing with Jack in the picture above.


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