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Maguire Farm


Jack and the Trailer Accident!


On November 2, 2008 I had a show scheduled to ride in, and since Jack's blow out was completely heeled. I loaded Jack and Jazzmine both in the trailer and we drove over to Doc's for a fun show. when sara and I went in the trailer to get the horses Sara noticed that Jacks right hind hoof was bleeding from the coronary band. I quickly unloaded Jack to take a closer look and yup, the coronary band is bleeding! Jack must have stepped on himself in the trailer. Then I looked in the trailer and took out some cotton balls wiped the blood off and mixed together liquid white lightning and water in a water bottle. I was relieved to find that I had not taken out the medicine I used for the blow out Jack had. I walked Jack to see how bad it hurt him, he could walk fine but you could tell he was hesitant on each step. I didn't want to risk any problems so we sat this show out.

Sara still rode Jazzmine in the show and I stood at the fence with Jack watching. The bleeding had stopped and I was putting the White lightning solution on about every 20 minutes to make sure it stayed clean until we got home where I could really clean it. Although we were not competing that day Jack and I won Grand Champion for the season in Junior Key Hole and Junior Pole Bending. I was proud of Jack, mainly because the last season we had done poorly in Pole Bending.

After, the last event was done sara took Jazzmine up to start un-tacking while I went and got my Grand Champion for Key hole award. I was walking Jack with me up to the trailer and as we were walking his cut started to bleed a lot. I grabbed the last cotton balls, cleaned it of and asked my friends if they had and vet rap. My one friend didn't but they had paper towels so i took some of that and my other friend had some vet rap. I put the paper towel over the wound and then rapped it up for the ride home.


When I got Home I put Jack in the Field with the rap still on and I was going to check it in the morning before i got on the bus for school.

The next morning after I was all ready for school I ran out to the field and looked at his hoof. There was no sign of bleeding over night and he was walking fine, So I went to school. When I came home I took Jack out and cleaned off his wound, then I put some Iodine solution on it. After that I gave Jack and Jazzmine some treats and put then back in there field.

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