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History Bred and developed over several thousands of years in the mountainous regions of Austria, the Noriker is an attractive looking light draught horse. These strong hardy horses are most liked for there calm temperament, sound limbs and surefootedness. The Noriker is an excellent work horse for difficult mountain terrain. The name Noriker comes from the ancient Roman state of Noricum. Noricum was roughly approximate to present day Austria. In the many years of this horse they have been crossbred with other cold blooded horses of the region and have adapted remarkably well with the harsh conditions of there environment.
Conformation The Noriker has wide nostrils, medium-sized eyes with a medium length neck and thick curly mane. Nice sloping shoulders, broad, deep chest, and a medium length well- muscled back. It has very long limbs with powerful forearms, large clean joints, well muscled second thigh and nice sound feet.

16-17hh for stallions

mares range from 15.3-17hh

(hh= Hands High, one hand is 4 inches)


Brown, Chestnut, Black, Gray and Brindle.

White body markings are not acceptable for these domestic beasts.



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