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History The Purest horse breed in the world is probably the Icelandic horse. Its ancesters were taken to Iceland by ninteenth centry settlers, travelling from western Norway and the north of Britain. At the time theyy were small, sturdy horses who adapted to the rigorous Icelandic climate. Later some imports were made of eastern horses, but there was such a detrimental effect upon original stock that in AD 930 the Althing (parliament) passed a law forbiding the import of further horses. For the last 800 years there has been no infusions of outside blood, even though this law seems to have been flouted occasionally. The result of this law was that Icelandic horses hve not really changed since the age of the vikings. Although these little horses stand know more than 13.2hh they are still considered horses to the Icelanders. They also have a very well, "homing instinct". It has been recorded that horses who were sold traveled for weeks across Iceland to their original home.
Conformation Fairly heavy head; short, well-carried neck; compact body with short back and deep girth; slopping, wedge-shaped, very strong, muscular hindquarters; strong limbs with sort cannons and strong hocks; and strong well-shaped feet.


(hh= Hands High, one hand is 4 inches)

Color Any Color


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