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Cupcake the Appaloosa pony- meet her foal Budwiser


History The spotted coat of the American Appaloosa can be taced back to stock imported by the Spanish Conquisadores. The Spotted horse became particuarlly prized to the Nez Perce Indian Tride who lived in what is now Northern Idaho, North-east Oregon and south-east Washington. The word Appaloosa comes from the country of Palouse, an area named after the Palouse River.
Conformation The Appaloosa is a compact, Muscular horse. The short mane and tail are characteristics of this breed. The Appaloosa is a great endurence riding horse because of its strong limbs and excellence of its feet.


(hh= Hands High, one hand is 4 inches)

Color Mainly black or brown with varying spotted colors, but they can also be white


Katie Riding a horse named Chip. Chip is an Appaloosa with white spots and a more chestnut base color. Katie and Chip are Competing in the stake race which is a race where you run up and around a pole then you race back to the finish line.

Here is a close up of chips head. Notice the white spots on her body and the short mane.



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