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Hating To Load in The Trailer


Its natural for a horse to refuse going into a trailer. To the horse it is a small dark and claustrophobic place. Although hard, loading a horse into a trailer is not impossible.

Load your horse into the trailer and immediately unload him. Repeat this many times to show that he will come out after he goes in. If your horse stops right before he goes in and backs up pulling you with him, than take him away from the trailer in a yard and lounge cantering circles. Canter him both directions and the get him closer to the trailer and canter tighter circles near the back of the trailer. Next try and self load him by transforming one of him circles into the trailer to make him load by himself. Be calm and patient with your horse or he will feel your negative energy and refuse to listen.

Build some trust with your horse and teach him to understand commands such as "back", "step up", "step down" and "easy".

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