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Why Horses Blow and Snort


The term "blow" refers to a loud almost popping sound a horse makes with his nostrils. This sound is similar to a gooses honk. In the wild if the stallion of a herd "blows" or "snorts" its to call the rest of the herd to attention. Danger may be near and the herd must get ready to run. A "snort" is a much softer version of the "blow" and is still used to alarm coming danger but not necessarily to communicate to other horses of the alarm.

There are many different versions of the "snort", quick ones that may occur once or twice. Then there is the deep, rolling, "snort" that is drawn-out.

If a horse gets instantly frightened of an object or human, may demonstrate a the more rolling "snort", Standing their ground with wary eyes. A horse may also "snort" or "blow" at new horses brought into there pasture. Unsure as to who the horse is they don't know whether the horse acts as a threat.


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