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Mérens or Cheval de Mérens


History The The Mérens or Cheval de Mérens is native to the Pyrenean and Ariégeois mountains in south-west France near the Ariège river and northern Spain, near Andorra. Its old name, Ariégeois, was taken from the Ariège river. For centuries, the Mérens has been used as a packhorse due to its sure-footed ness, endurance and hardiness. In the twenty-first century, two types of Mérens can be found; a shorter, lighter traditional mountain horse and a taller, more sporty type. There are very strict standard placed on the Mérens when registering for the stud book to ensure quality in the breed.
Conformation The Mérens is light boned, alert head with a flat forehead, straight profile, fairly short, hairy ears with alert eyes and a gentle expression. It has a fairly short, straight neck with rather straight shoulders. Its back is long but strong with a broad chest. Its hindquarters are round with sloping croup and its limbs are slender with strong feet.


(hh= Hands High, one hand is 4 inches)

Color This horse is always black. It's very rare to find white stockings or markings on its head but the flank is sometimes found to be lightly flecked with white.

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